Our consulting services include among others:

Electronic business

  • searching for the most suitable eBusiness solution that fits our client’s business needs
  • project management services, especially in challenging multi-party implementation projects

System integration

  • defining, planning and implementing of enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions
  • tailored integration services

EDI consultation with 15 years of experience

  • implementation plans for standard EDI messages
  • adaptions plans of Message Implementation Guidelines (MIG’s)
  • EDI agreements
  • comprehensive solutions based on the TradeXpress system (see IMPLEMENTATION)

XML consultation

  • ebXML
  • DTD definitions
  • XML schemas (W3C, BizTalk)
  • XSL (Extended Stylesheet) definitions
  • implementation plans for XML messages
  • PapiNet
  • RosettaNet

Data communication consultation

  • selection of the most suitable data communication network (TCP/IP, X.25, ADSL, ISDN etc.)
  • selection of the most suitable data communication protocol (EDIINT, FTP, X.400, SMTP, HTTP(S), OFTP etc.)
  • security and encryption (EDIINT, AUTACK, PGP, Secure FTP etc.)